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Audra Evans - Amazing professional photographer, she has taken most of the photographs on my website and I would recommend her highly!

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Belly Dancing by Phoenix - Denver, CO area. - wonderful, high-end professional costumes and accessories from Egypt and Turkey.

Preferred vendor listed in the Cary, North Carolina Novelty Entertainment section of

Gigmasters - Booking Belly Dancers Online Since 1997
Gigmasters - Booking Belly Dancers Online Since 1997

Featured Belly Dancer in Cary on Gig Salad! - Features art and animation galleries, costumes, home decor, and more.

Hannan Sultan - an international belly dancer currently residing in Chapel Hill, NC.

Miss Belly Dance - Quality bellydance costumes, hip scarfs, coin belts, skirts, tops, veils and accessories are handmade in Turkey according to traditional and modern belly dance costume designs. In addition to costumes we sell hand crafted jewelry to accent your outfit. - created and maintained by Haala, it is the premier online resource for Middle-Eastern dance and music in North Carolina and nearby states.

Oriental - The Belly Dance Hub. - In my opinion, the definitive online resource for all things Belly dance.

Zaghareet Magazine - a magazine devoted to Middle-Eastern arts and culture.

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